Outward Bound in Ottawa

One of the joys of going on a new adventure is that it sometimes…no, just about always…takes me somewhere unexpected.

another iconic shot from Liz Gal

Our Outward Bound Kilimanjaro team from Liz Gal

Off the Couch and Out the Door reconnected me to Outward Bound Canada. The book starts with an Outward Bound adventure in the wilds of the Coast Mountains north of Whistler; the direction of my life, the trajectory of it all, was altered significantly as a result of that adventure.

Sarah Wiley, Executive Director of Outward Bound, graciously endorsed my book and invited me to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with one of their expeditions. Thirteen of us summited; an adventure shared with such amazing, curious, passionate Canadians and so filled with sweet spot moments, I am still in awe.

approaching the summit - an incredible shot by Liz Gal

approaching the summit – an incredible shot by Liz Gal

BobFoulkesEvents-Flier-v6 copy JPEGAnother adventure arose on that trip; we hatched a plan, a chance for me to give back to Outward Bound.

In Ottawa next Monday March 24, courtesy of Shaw Communications, we’ve invited alumni, friends of Outward Bound, outdoor enthusiasts and like minded individuals to connect with Outward Bound. I and several other alumni will tell our stories of the transformative effects of Outward Bound, offering guests a chance to learn about this awesome organization.

Join us if you can. Sarah will describe the many programs of Outward Bound, including the Women of Courage program and the Veteran’s program.

Full group, small

Who Knows, it may be the start of your Outward Bound adventure…

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  1. Sarah Wiley says:

    looking forward to the event Bob!

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