About Bob

IMG_4191 - Version 2BOB FOULKES is a Vancouver-based author and communications consultant who has written books, short stories, op-ed pieces and articles on just about anything that captures his interest.

His first book, Adventures with Knives, chronicles his six months as a student at Vancouver’s Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, where, at 60, he was the oldest in his class by decades. It was, amidst all the flames and boiling liquids, one of his scariest adventures.

Over the past twenty years, Bob has challenged himself regularly with adventures that scare, enthrall, test and delight him. He continues to seek out adventures that cause him anxious moments but reward him with immense joy, friendship, health and satisfaction.

2 Responses to About Bob

  1. Keep it up my friend. Glad to hear your stories!

  2. Walkmag says:

    Love your pilgrims story telling style

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