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Suggested Interview Questions and Topic Ideas:

  1. You described yourself in the book as a poster boy for an early on-set heart attack. What was the defining moment that motivated you to change your life and book your first adventure?
  2. What draws you to a certain adventure, challenge, risk and/or trip? How has that changed over the years?
  3. How can someone without the means, time or ability for grand adventures still introduce adventure into their lives? What small steps could they take? How can your book help?
  4. Your first adventure was with Outward Bound. How is using a tour operator a good place to start?
  5. As an experienced adventurer/traveller what are the 10 must-have items in your suitcase? Are you a carry-on or checked luggage traveller?
  6. What adventure or challenge scared you the most? What will make you back away from a potential adventure?
  7. You speak of running, marathons and triathlons as adventure; how so? How do you prepare, both mentally and physically, for a challenging adventure?
  8. Looking back on your earlier adventures, how have you evolved, developed, changed as both adventurer and a person (father, partner)?
  9. Which of the places that you have visited have had the greatest impact on you?
  10. You have travelled to a lot of different countries on your adventures. If someone could only choose one place to go, where would you recommend? If you could only go to one more place yourself, where would that be?
  11. What makes an adventure a success for you? Is there such a thing as failure in adventure?
  12. This is your second book. How has becoming an author been an adventure?
  13. What is the creative process for your writing? Do you keep a journal when you travel?
  14. You call yourself an adventure junkie, are you really addicted to adventure? If so, at what point did you realize that?
  15. Seems like you’ve done it all. Since finishing the book, what’s left for you to do?


January 2014 at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro

January 2014 at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro

On the Chilkoot Trail, Summer 2004

On the Chilkoot Trail, Summer 2004

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