Reviews and Endorsements

Here’s what people have said about Adventures with Knives

“On reading Bob’s charming book, I was reminded of my own adventure in culinary school, honing my skills (and spicing up my language). I, too, was the oldest in the class — of course not nearly as old as Bob. His book is a wonderful account affirming that adventure awaits us in many forms, regardless of our age.”
              – Barbara-jo McIntosh, author of Cooking For Me & Sometimes You

“ … a highly entertaining and delightfully personal account of his PICA experiences and successful completion of the Culinary Arts Six-Month Diploma Program. If you’re in the biz – and especially if you’re an aspiring student – it’s a must read.”

              – Tim Pawsey,

“ … a well written, candid and entertaining account of his experiences from the first day he set foot in the door to the moment he walked out with no firm plans for his newly honed skills other than to cook for friends and (as it turns out) do some worthy charity work…. Foulkes’ story adds up to an invaluable diary, especially if you’re an aspiring culinary student – of any age. Even if you’re not, you’ll find this account of one man’s search for ‘what’s next?’ in life an inspiring read.”

              – Tim Pawsey, The Courier

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